Every Website We Design is 100% Mobile Responsive

Why Should You Have a Mobile Responsive Website?


Google is currently rolling out an update which will penalize Websites that are not mobile friendly

A website classified as “mobile responsive” means that the website displays properly on all devices viewing the website.  When you have a “mobile responsive” website you do not need a mobile version of your website just to make sure your website loads and appears properly on a mobile device.  In essence, a mobile responsive website ensures that you only need ONE website and that you do not need to build different versions of your website to appear properly on different devices.

Global share of mobile web traffic has been skyrocketing

responsive chart


Web page views via mobile is increasing

How people consume online content has changed significantly due to the widespread adoption of smart phones and tablets.
In July 2014, mobile devices accounted for 29% of total global Internet page views. This was nearly double the figures from July 2013.
Personal computers continue to dominate with almost 70% of all page views. However, this is a major decline of over 12 points from 2013. A growing number of consumers are turning to various devices to stay connected.

Summary of What We Do

Installation, Configuration and Customization

We will install and configure the latest version of WordPress on the web server as well as generate your File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and Content Management System (CMS) access.
We will install your WordPress theme or custom WordPress design that will depict the layout and the graphical interface of your site. Based on our consultation with you, we make sure that an appropriate WordPress layout and design is chosen conforming to the intended purpose and function of your website.
The selected layout and design will also be in compliance with W3C and SEO standards. We will also setup your WordPress blog and make sure it is seamlessly integrated with the rest of your website from a design perspective.

Graphic Design and Mockups

Following content and design analysis, we will provide web design mockups (for custom websites) and source relevant images and strategically embed these on your website. We make sure these images are visually engaging and complement the overall aesthetics and the written content.

Contact Forms

We will install a fully functional basic contact form based on the pertinent information provided. The contact form is your main tool for converting a casual site visitor into a lead or a potential customer.

Email Installation and Configuration

We will install your Google business email using the domain name of your website. Each of the 10 users will have access to Google Mail, Google Calendar and Google Docs.

Website Backup, Migration and Installation

We will do a website backup and store it for you for 3 months just in case something happens on your live website down the line. Data backups will offer benefits for you if you want to effectively store multiple copies of web-based data in a secure location. We make sure that you will have easy access to your backup files. We will then transfer all your integral website files to a new reliable host which will remotely monitor the status of your site on their server. This service will cover all of the procedures and prerequisites of a thorough website migration.